Burnell Reports provides a variety of writing, editing, communications consulting, research and support services. We support our clients in five primary ways:

  • Writing content to support B2B marketing and market education activities, including white papers, case studies, byline articles, press releases, survey reports, e-mail newsletters, Web content, blog posts, brochures, data sheets and other collateral material.
  • Working with the clients’ public relations agency or Web development firm to create supporting materials for campaigns and projects.
  • Supporting research organizations by helping organize, present and edit data and findings.
  • Conducting customer and audience research for companies, associations and media outlets.
  • Providing editorial consulting services to print and online media.

Writing Services

Burnell Reports specializes in writing, editing and presenting written content to support B2B marketing and market education activities. We have researched and published more than 100 white papers on behalf of our clients and developed hundreds of case studies and thousands of blog posts, articles and columns that have been published in B2B magazines, Web sites and newsletters.

Clients can use us as much or as little as they want for their writing projects – we can copy edit materials created in house or develop complete white papers from scratch, including all research, writing and revision. Clients often use Burnell Reports with their PR agencies, with the agency responsible for securing placement of an article or case study, and Burnell Reports responsible for writing it. See our Portfolio for examples of writing projects.

Research Support

Burnell Reports can help you put data and results from surveys and other research projects into context. Our experience includes editing commercial reports developed and sold by professional market research organizations, tabulating and analyzing results, writing original drafts of for-profit research products, and planning and executing original research projects for ourselves and our clients. Whether you need to conduct an e-mail survey of your customers or create, market and sell market intelligence reports, we’ll bring have the insight, experience and discretion to help your efforts. See the Portfolio and Clients sections of our site to learn more about the scope of our research experience.

Consulting Services

Are you meeting your information needs of your various audiences? Is your Web site aligned with what your prospects are looking for? How can you tailor material for customers, prospects and partners? Burnell Reports has helped businesses, associations and media outlets alike answer these and other important questions. John Burnell has led and advised several print and online publication startup and repositioning projects in the B2B publishing industry and also helps businesses and associations develop programs to improve their internal and external communications.

Ancillary Services

We work with a variety of graphic designers, Web developers, advertising and publication relations firms, and can offer these services as needed.

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